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Upax-Unity - disposal dishware and package production

About company

«Upax-Unity», Ltd. has been conducting its activities in one of the perspective directions specialized in production of polypropylene goods such as disposable tableware and packaging since 2001.

Today Upax- Unity is one of the leading Russian enterprises producing disposable tableware, plastic food containers, as well as packaging for dairy and fat-and-oil products.

Based on market research results of disposable tableware and packaging the company is in the top five largest manufacturers in this segment in the Russian Federation.

The quality of manufactured products meets the highest international standards, and the price is more reasonable than that of foreign competitors. This advantage allows the company to be successful on the disposable tableware market.

Customer care

The customer care is one of the fundamental principles of the company's activity. We are interested in effective development of business partners and we offer them the optimal decisions that allow using all the advantages of their business as much as possible. It is very important for us to have customers confident in getting feedback from the company when resolving their problems with maximum effort.

The continuous improvement, the team of professionals, the ability to see the strategic perspective and the focus on the most important areas are the fundamentals of «Upax-Unity»'s long history and success. Moreover, the qualities mentioned above promote the company as a trusted partner the customers may rely on.

The ecology

There are some basic principles of «Upax-Unity»'s activity including compliance with the government requirements of environmental safety and care about Russian population's health. To do this, we are constantly working towards reducing harmful effects of technological production processes on the environment. Besides, we use only high quality eco-friendly raw materials when producing food polypropylene (FP). What is far more important, our company carries out researches related to environmental direction of industrial production.

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614990, Perm, Geroev Hasana St., 76
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e-mail: upax@upax.ru