Manufacturing equipment

Manufacturing facilities are equipped with modern high-tech and high-performance German machinery from such companies as «KraussMaffei Berstorff GmbH», «Reifenhauser GmbH&Co» and «ILLIG Maschinenbau GmbH&Co». The production process is based on using a heat forming method to achieve the European quality level.

Raw materials and other materials

In their manufacturing activity the Upax-Unity company only uses polypropylene, the safest polymer, while other producers are oriented on polystyrene as the most easily formed polymer from the technology point of view.

However, polystyrene has a number of essential disadvantages such as an adverse effect on people's health both when being processed and used as finished products. More than that, some characteristics of polystyrene limit considerably the way it is applied. For instance, when heated above 60-80°C, polystyrene emits large amounts of harmful chemicals, which is the reason why polystyrene-based packaging can be only used for cold food products.

Properties of polypropylene, in turn, exceed greatly those of polystyrene in its environmental safety. Moreover, polypropylene is a more thermal-resistant material (melted at 160°C), so it can be used for hot drinks without harm to health.

Polypropylene is also resistant to oils and fats, which makes it ideal for producing packaging for ice cream, dairy mousses, jelly, sour cream and mayonnaise. What is far more important, polypropylene can be used for heating ready-to-eat meals, as it is resistant to microwave energy, and has required thermal stability.

Environmental friendliness, resistance to heat, oil and fat combined with low prices make FP the most perspective material for manufacturing disposable tableware today. Based on the points mentioned above, polypropylene takes leading positions in the world market as a modern material for producing containers and packages.

Distinguishing features of polypropylene-based products:

  • Excellent crash-worthiness;
  • Combination of form stiffness and the highest plasticity; fragility is excluded (doesn't burst at compression and blows);
  • Resistance to fat influence and aggressive chemicals;
  • No smell and taste;
  • Vapor proof;
  • Resistance to influence of high temperatures and microwaves (doesn't get out of a shape even at 140 °C);
  • Allowed to contact with food and to produce children's toys (allowed to produce baby food packing (hygienic examination of Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation by No. 121-1/139 of 26.12.1997)).

Product's Quality

We care about high quality of manufactured products that in turn is confirmed by certificate on conformity of quality management system of the enterprise to the international ISO9001 standard, the declaration on compliance to the Customs union requirements and GOST conformity certificates.

We are responsible for quality of each unit produced; we guarantee delivery by Just In Time system and of course we intend to become a reliable partner for the prosperity of your business.

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